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                1. Anhui Tiankang medical Technology Co.,LTD.  Welcome!

                  Anhui Tiankang group held a commendation meeting to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the founding o


                       In order to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, express holiday condolences to the group's veterans, encourage the group's veterans to stand on their posts, always maintain their military spirit, and play a demonstration and driving role in their work, which is not afraid of difficulties, resolute, strong implementation and hard work dedication, at the afternoon of July 31, Anhui Tiankang group held a grand ceremony to celebrate the 94th anniversary of the founding of the army and the commendation meeting for the "most beautiful veterans". Sun Renjian, deputy director and Dou Ruhua, director of Chuzhou Bureau of Veterans Affairs, Xia Yongning, director of Tianchang Bureau of Veterans Affairs, Yang Gongwen and Hu Bujin, deputy directors, group leaders Zhao Kuan, Mao Wenwen, Zhao Jianbing, song Chunyu, Bai Baodong, Yu Zhengjiang, Xu Chengye, Zhao Kehua, Wang Ju, vice president of group sales and all veterans attended the commendation meeting.

                  The meeting kicked off with a cheerful dance of "women soldiers walking on the street". All veterans gathered together to celebrate August 1.

                     At the beginning of the meeting, Yu Zhengjiang, the head of the group's Veterans Service Management Station, delivered a speech in which he expressed the hope that all veterans would bring good military style into their work and play a leading role in any post and position. Earnestly listen to the party's command, obey the work arrangement of the higher authorities, and always maintain the true colors of soldiers.

                       On behalf of the group, Mao Wenwen, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group, expressed holiday greetings and good wishes to all veterans on all fronts and posts. President Mao said that retired soldiers have become an important force in the group's innovation and development work and the main force in emergency rescue work; The group has always put the promotion of the in-depth development of enterprise military civilian integration on the main agenda and always put "veterans first" in a prominent position. Hope that all veterans of the group will always remember their original intention and set an example; We should always dare to bear and shoulder important tasks; We should always work hard and make new contributions. We should make unremitting efforts to achieve the grand goal of Centennial Tiankang with the strong joint force of "thinking, wisdom and strength".

                  At the meeting, veterans celebrated this common festival with their own loud military songs and carefully prepared programs.

                  At the meeting, Comrade Zhao Jianbing, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the group, read out the decision on Commendation of the "most beautiful veterans" on behalf of the group. Three representatives of the "most beautiful veterans" spoke in combination with their military life and work deeds and shared their experiences.

                       The most beautiful veterans (12): Wang Changsheng, Wang Qingguo, Lu Yuexiang, Zhang Nengqin, Chen Hongqing, Jin Yuxin, Zhao Jun, Luo Xiuhua, Qin Yaoxi, Gao Fei, Jing Wenmin and Yu Fayun. Most beautiful internal helpers (2): Sun Kaili, Li Yuxia. A total of 14 people were commended, and the leaders of the group and the Bureau of Veterans Affairs presented awards to them.

                       Zhao Kuan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group, made a speech at the meeting, fully affirmed the work style of veterans, and hoped that all veterans would make persistent efforts, carry forward the glorious tradition of the people's army of being hard-working, daring to fight hard, rigorous style and obeying commands and orders, love their posts, work hard, and make the factory their home.

                       Sun Renjian, deputy director of Chuzhou Bureau of Veterans Affairs, delivered a speech at the meeting. As a leading enterprise in Tianchang City, Tiankang group has absorbed many veterans in its development over the years, providing a good development platform for veterans to show their own value. The work style of "never fade and never retire" of the retired soldiers of Tiankang group has contributed to the development of the enterprise. I hope Tiankang group will continue to support the resettlement of the retired soldiers. As the "mother's family" of ex servicemen, the Municipal Bureau of ex servicemen affairs will wholeheartedly do a good job in the service guarantee of ex servicemen, strengthen the implementation of policies and promote the joint efforts of military and civilian forces, unite the positive energy of reform to the greatest extent, and make new contributions to local economic development.

                     The conference was successfully concluded by the grand and melodic chorus of "unity is strength" of all veterans. After the conference, all veterans and leaders took a group photo together.

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